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Ron Saint Germain (alternate spellings Ron St. Germain, Ron Saint-Germaine and similar) is a record producer, engineer, and mixer who was born in post-war Frankfurt, Germany, into a career Air Force family. Prior to his career in engineering he was an actor, singer, musician[1] He has helped several up and coming artists enjoy a long career in the music industry, and has even taken to naming bands. Saint Germain currently works mainly out of his own studio lives in the adjacent to New York countryside with his family.


He is also known for remixes such as "Hot Hot Hot!!!" from the album Galore by The Cure.

In his more than 4 decades plus in the music industry, he has worked on 19 Grammy-nominated projects with 14 winners. He has earned over 60 gold and platinum records with sales upward of a quarter of a billion units.


Artists he has worked with include:


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