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Rosalina Tuyuc in 2007

Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez (born San Juan Comalapa, department of Chimaltenango, 1956)[1] is a Guatemalan human rights activist. She was elected as a Congressional deputy in 1995, elected from the national list of the New Guatemala Democratic Front, and served as Vice President of Congress during that period.[2] Tuyuc is a Kaqchikel Mayan.[3]

In June 1982, the Guatemalan Army kidnapped and murdered her father, Francisco Tuyuc. Three years later, on 24 May 1985, her husband suffered the same fate.[4] In 1988, she founded the National Association of Guatemalan Widows (CONAVIGUA), which has become a leading Guatemalan human rights organization.[5]

In 1994, Tuyuc was decorated by the French Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur for her humanitarian activities.[6] On 6 July 2004 President Óscar Berger appointed her to chair the National Reparations Commission (Comisión Nacional de Resarcimiento).[7] In 2011, she publicly criticized the Commission for its failure to adequately address the damage caused by the war.[8]

The Niwano Peace Foundation of Japan awarded their 2012 Niwano Peace Prize to Tuyuc "in recognition of her extraordinary and dogged work for peace as a courageous human rights activist and leader." [9]

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