Routh Mounds

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Routh Mounds
Routh Mounds is located in Louisiana
Routh Mounds
Location within Louisiana today
Location Newellton, LouisianaTensas Parish, Louisiana USA
Region Tensas Parish, Louisiana
Coordinates 32°1′15.85″N 91°12′46.19″W / 32.0210694°N 91.2128306°W / 32.0210694; -91.2128306
Periods Routh Phase
Cultures Plaquemine culture
Site notes
Responsible body: private

Routh Mounds is a Plaquemine culture archaeological site in Tensas Parish, Louisiana. It is the type site for the Routh Phase(1200 to 1350 CE) of the Tensas Basin Plaquemine Mississippian chronology.[1] It is located approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) northwest of the Winter Quarters State Historic Site.

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