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Rowohlt Verlag is a publishing house based in Reinbek and also Hamburg and Berlin, part of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Group (since 1982). The company was created in 1908 in Leipzig by Ernst Rowohlt.

Parts of the company[edit]

  • Kindler
  • Rowohlt Berlin
  • Rowohlt Taschenbuch (rororo)
  • Rowohlt Theater Verlag
  • Rowohlt
  • Wunderlich
  • Rowohlt Hundert Augen
  • Rowohlt e-book
  • Rowohlt Polaris
  • Rowohlt Rotfuchs
  • Rowohlt Repertoire
  • Rowohlt Rotation
  • Rowohlt Medienagentur


Notable Rowohlt Verlag authors include:

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