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Iron Man has a large range of supporting characters. They are friends, employees of Tony Stark, and other superheroes. This is a list of them:





  • Friday - An artificial intelligence that would appear as a hologram and act as Tony Stark's secretary.


  • Guardsman - Kevin O'Brien and Michael O'Brien, friends of Iron Man that wore the Guardsman armor.[4]


  • Happy Hogan - Hired by Tony Stark as his chauffeur and personal assistant after Happy saves Tony's life.[5]
  • Hawkeye - He is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman. He would later join the Avengers.[6]
  • H.O.M.E.R. - An artificial intelligence in charge of all of Tony Stark's secret manufacturing projects.[7]
  • Howard Stark - Tony Stark's father and a designer that built devices that have revolutionized the industrial world.[8]
  • Ho Yinsen - Plays a key role in Iron Man's origin story as a mentor and co-builder of his first armor.[9]
  • Hulk - Possesses the potential for immense and seemingly limitless physical strength, would later join the Avengers.[10]




  • Namor - He's a hybrid of human and Atlantean DNA. He later served directly with the Avengers.[14]


  • Pepper Potts - Originally a member of Tony Stark's secretarial pool. She later becomes part of a love triangle with Tony Stark and Happy Hogan.[15]


  • Rumiko Fujikawa - Girlfriend of Tony Stark and daughter of Kenjiro Fujikawa, the man who had taken over Stark's company during his stay in the Heroes Reborn universe.[16]


  • War Machine - Helped Iron Man flee from the Viet Cong soldiers after his escape from Wong-Chu's prison camp. He would later wear his own power armor.[17]

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