Russia in the Eurovision Dance Contest

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Member station RTR, C1R
National selection events National Selection
Participation summary
Appearances 2
First appearance 2007
Best result 2nd, 2008
Worst result 7th, 2007
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Russia took part in the first Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007. The couple chosen to represent the country were Vladislav Borodinov and Maria Sittel. The dances they performed at the contest were Rumba and Paso Doble. Russia came seventh after receiving 72 points from 11 countries. In 2008 they were represented by Tatiana Navka and Alexander Litvinenko who danced a fusion of Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Russian Folk Dance. The Third Eurovision Dance Contest has been cancelled indefinitely.[1]


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Year Couple Dances Place Points
2007 Vladislav Borodinov & Maria Sittel Rumba & Paso Doble 7 72
2008 Tatiana Navka and Alexander Litvinenko Cha-Cha/Samba/Rumba/Paso Doble/Russian Folk Dance 2 121
Third Sergey Konovaltsev & Olga Konovaltseva TBD Cancelled

Voting history[edit]

Russia has given the most points to:

Rank Country Points
1  Ukraine 22
2  Ireland 17
3  Poland 16
4  Portugal 12
5  Azerbaijan 10

Commentators and spokespersons[edit]

Year(s) Television commentator Dual television commentator Spokesperson
2007 Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Stanislav Popov Like Kremer
2008 Yana Churikova Larisa Verbitskaya

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