Ryanair Flight 4102

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Ryanair Flight 4102
Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair JP6361158.jpg
EI-DYG, the Ryanair Boeing 737 involved in the accident
Accident summary
Date 10 November 2008
Summary Bird strike
Site Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy
Passengers 166
Crew 6
Fatalities 0
Injuries (non-fatal) 10
Survivors 172 (all)
Aircraft type Boeing 737-8AS
Operator Ryanair
Registration EI-DYG
Flight origin Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany
Destination Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy

Ryanair Flight 4102 was a flight from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany, to Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy, that, on 10 November 2008 suffered multiple bird strikes.[1] Of the 172 people on board, two crew and eight passengers were transported to hospital and received treatment for minor injuries.[2] The aircraft operating the flight was a Boeing 737-8AS, registered EI-DYG. At the time of the incident the aircraft was 8 months old.[3]


The jet suffered up to 90 bird strikes, all from starlings[4] on final approach to Rome Ciampino Airport which damaged the port side landing gear and both engines. The flight attempted to execute a missed approach after one engine was damaged, but the remaining engine ingested birds as well and was damaged during this manoeuvre. It was reported that the aircraft left runway 15 for a short time before the flight crew brought it back onto the runway.[2] Passengers were evacuated by fire services and flight recorders were removed from the aircraft.[2]


The airport was closed for 36 hours[5] and all traffic was diverted to Fiumicino Airport due to the jet being stranded on the runway after the port side landing gear collapsed.[1][2]


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