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"S-Bank" redirects here. For the Iranian investment bank, see S-Bank (Iran).
S-Bank Ltd
Industry Financial services
Founded 2006
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland
Products Deposit banking
Website http://www.s-pankki.fi/

S-Bank Ltd (Finnish: S-pankki Oy, Swedish: S-Banken) is the bank of the S-Group (Finnish: S-ryhmä), a Finnish retailing cooperative organisation.

S-Bank is the first so called supermarket bank in Finland. Changes in legislation about personal accounts at co-operatives made them uncompetitive, such that founding an entirely new bank was actually easier than keeping the personal accounts as co-operative funds. The co-operative did, and the bank continued to, offer a relatively high interest to deposited funds. It was 2.5% in February 2008, although this was cut to 0.2% due to the global recession since 2008. The existing network of supermarket service desks is used to service customers. However, Internet-based electronic banking is recommended and provided at no cost to the customer. Visa credit and debit cards are available.

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