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SEPTA Route 75 is a trolleybus route in North and Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. It connects to the Market–Frankford Line at Margaret-Orthodox Station, and runs primarily along Wyoming Avenue. Route 75 connects to the Wyoming (BSL station) local line and goes to Wayne Junction in Nicetown.

The route is operated by trolleybuses, locally called trackless trolleys, which replaced streetcars (trolley cars) on the route on August 19, 1948.[1] As far back as 1922, the President of Philadelphia Rapid Transit recommended converting the route into a feeder route for the Market-Frankford Line.[2] The route originally continued east from Margaret-Orthodox elevated station to Richmond Street, but that section was discontinued in either 1966[1] or 1971.[3]

All of the vehicles currently in use are ADA-compliant, and equipped with bicycle racks. Diesel buses temporarily replaced trackless trolleys on route 75 in June 2002,[1] but trackless service was restored in April 2008.[4]

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