Sabilal Muhtadin

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Sabilal Muhtadin
Sabilal Muhtadin.JPG
Basic information
Location Banjarmasin, Indonesia
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed Mid 1980'S
Construction cost ?
Capacity > Expand To =17,500
Dome(s) Secret
Minaret(s) ?
Minaret height ?

Sabilal Muhtadin is the largest mosque in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, in terms of capacity to accommodate people. The name chosen for this Banjarmasin Sultan Mosque is a tribute and appreciation to the late Grand Scholars, Sheikh Muhammad al-Banjary Arsyad (1710 – 1812 AD), who had developed Islam in the kingdom of Banjar or South Kalimantan region now.