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Sachin Vijay Movie.jpg
Directed by John Mahendran
Produced by Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Written by John Mahendran
Starring Vijay
Genelia D'Souza
Bipasha Basu
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Jeeva
Edited by V. T. Vijayan
V Creations
Release dates
14 April 2005
Running time
154 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Sachein is a 2005 Tamil romance film directed by John Mahendran starring Vijay and Genelia D'Souza. It also features Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, in her Tamil cinema debut, with Vadivelu, Santhanam and Raghuvaran appearing in supporting roles. Based on the director's earlier Telugu film Neetho (2002), the film's score and soundtrack are composed by Devi Sri Prasad. The movie released to positive reviews and was declared as a commercial success at the box office.


Sachein (Vijay) is a carefree and happy go lucky guy college student, who comes across the beautiful Shalini (Genelia D'Souza) on college campus and falls deeply in love with her but she doesn't love him. Arnold aka Ayyasamy (Vadivelu) is a self-proclaimed youth who has repeated the same class every year for nine consecutive years. He claims this is because he wants to be grateful to his teachers and claims that all others who remain faithful to love are misled, and that he, by demonstrating his gratitude towards teachers, is the only person to have done so in the college. Also, Arnold and Santhanam love Shalini. Shaliini doesn't take kindly to Sachein's smitten behaviour. Sachein is able to befriend Shalini through persistence. Shalini grows fond of Sachein. Santhanam, jealous of Sachein's relationship with Shalini, writes a graffiti on the school wall. The graffiti reads "Sachein loves Shalini". Shalini confronts Sachein, and demands an explanation. Sachein pleads his innocence, and Shalini believes him. However, Sachein tells Shalini that even though he didn't write the graffiti, he really does love Shalini. Shalini bashes Sachein, telling him that he does not know the true meaning of love, and tells him she does not love him. The next day, Sachein meets Shalini and tells her that she will fall for him. Shalini takes on Sachein's bet and gives him a total of one month to try and make her fall in love. Shalini though is a good friend of Sachein until Manju (Bipasha Basu) runs behind Sachein with skimpy costumes and makes Shalini go green with envy. Shalini's parents have arranged her wedding with an industrialist's son in Canada, yet Sachein pushes on. Days pass, and yet Sachein is not able to persuade Shalini. On the last day of their bet, Sachein decides to bid goodbye to Shalini and even apologies for running behind her so long. Shalini develops a soft corner for Sachein and decides to express her love to him until his dad (Raghuvaran) who is a multi millionaire comes to meet him. Shalini doesn't express her love because then he will think that she loves him only for the money. Sachein plans on leaving India, and goes to the airport. When Sachein was about to take the plane home Shalini expresses her love to him and they are united.



The soundtrack features six songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad.

Soundtrack album to Sachein by Devi Sri Prasad
Released 2005
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Language Tamil
Label Ayngaran Music
An Ak Audio
Producer Devi Sri Prasad
Devi Sri Prasad chronology
No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Va Va Va En Thalaiva "   Shankar Mahadevan 4:53
2. "Kanmoodi Thirakumbothu"   Devi Sri Prasad 5:38
3. "Vaadi Vaadi"   Vijay, Vadivel 5:10
4. "Gundu Manga Thoppukulle"   Jassie Gift, Malathy Lakshman 5:02
5. "Sachin Theme"   Instrumental 2:07
6. "Dai Dai Dai Kattikkoda"   Karthik, Sunitha Sarathy 4:49


The film opened to positive reviews. Behindwoodsgave 3.5/5 praised Vijay as "It is a cakewalk for Vijay and his role has been etched out keeping his fans’ expectations in mind. His comedy track with Vadivelu, who is his collegemate, is quite run-of-mill" and "Vijay looks best in roles, which require him to portray tenderness. He wins the competition as the successful romantic hero of this generation of actors".[1] The Hindu stated `"Sachein' is a movie that fans would watch for Vijay alone" and said "Vijay alone makes the movie extremely watchable".[2] The movie was successful at the box office.[2]