Jakov, Serbian Archbishop

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His Holiness, the Metropolitan of Peć and Archbishop of Serbs
Church Serbian Orthodox Church
See Metropolitanate of Peć
Installed 1286
Term ended 1292
Predecessor Jevstatije I
Successor Jevstatije II
Personal details
Nationality Serb
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Christian
Canonized by Serbian Orthodox Church

Jakov (Serbian: Јаков) was the Serbian Archbishop from 1286 to 1292. Information on Jakov is scarce; it is known that he renovated and founded churches, and that he likely transferred the episcopal see from Žiča to the Peć metochion. He had special love for the Studenica monastery, to which he provided liturgical books and church accessories. He had special care for Serbian ascetics. He received his aureola with his saintly purity and Christian love, he was gentle, humble and charitable. The Serbian Orthodox Church venerates him as Saint Jakov on February 3, in the Church calendar, while February 16, on the Gregorian calendar.


Religious titles
Preceded by
Jevstatije I
Archbishop of Serbs
Succeeded by
Jevstatije II