Liverpool St James railway station

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Liverpool St James
Place Toxteth
Area Liverpool
Coordinates 53°23′39″N 2°58′35″W / 53.3943°N 2.9764°W / 53.3943; -2.9764Coordinates: 53°23′39″N 2°58′35″W / 53.3943°N 2.9764°W / 53.3943; -2.9764
Grid reference SJ 351 890
Original company Cheshire Lines Committee
Pre-grouping Cheshire Lines Committee
Platforms 2[1]
1 March 1874 (1874-03-01) Station opened
1 January 1917 (1917-01-01) Station closed
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Liverpool St James station in Liverpool, England, was a railway station situated on the old Cheshire Lines Committee line from Liverpool Central between Central and Brunswick stations. This line is now a part of Merseyrail's Northern Line. The station is located at the junction of Parliament Street and St. James' Place, opposite St James' Church.

The station is in a deep cutting between two tunnels. There have been moves by local businesses to reopen the station. [2]


The station opened on 1 March 1874 and closed on 1 January 1917.[3][4]

In 1913 six people lost their lives in an accident at the station when a train ran into the back of a train standing at the southbound platform.[5]

Parts of the station's platforms survive, as do some rooms cut into the rockface. They can be seen on Northern Line trains heading for Southport or Hunts Cross.[6]


The station site's proximity to the Liverpool Echo Arena, Anglican Cathedral and other more recent developments in the surrounding area has focused public attention on reopening it.[7]

In 2012 Liverpool's Strategic Investment Framework listed the reopening of St James as important to the success of the Baltic Triangle development. Merseytravel agreed to work with Liverpool Vision in March 2014 to investigate the cost of re-opening the station and its projected usage.[2] In January 2015 Merseytravel confirmed that they would be carrying out a study for the station's potential re-opening in the 2015-16 financial year. [8] As of July 2015, the survey had yet to be started though Merseytravel announced that they hoped it would start later on in 2015.[9] Merseyrail listed the re-opening of the station as a 'top rail project' during a presentation on rail development and delivery in November 2016.[10]

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Liverpool Central High Level
Line and station closed
  Cheshire Lines Committee   St Michaels
Line and station open



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