Saint Sava III

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Sava III
Сава III
His Holiness, the Metropolitan of Peć and Archbishop of Serbs
Archbishop of All Serbian and Maritime Lands
Church Serbian Orthodox Church
See Metropolitanate of Peć
Installed 1292
Term ended 1309
Predecessor Jevstatije II
Successor Nikodim I
Personal details
Died July 16, 1316
Nationality Serb
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Christian
Feast day August 16
Canonized by Serbian Orthodox Church

Sava III (Serbian: Свети Сава III ; died July 16, 1316) was the Archbishop of Serbs from 1309 to 1316. He is venerated as a saint, Saint Sava III.

He began as a hegumen in the Chilandar, then became the Bishop of Prizren. During his office as bishop, he worked on the Bogorodica Ljeviška church in Prizren. In 1309 he becomes the Archbishop.

Sava III was an important figure of the development of architecture in Medieval Serbia. Prior to the founding of the Banjska monastery, which Sava III did not survive, King Stefan Milutin consulted with him. In his charters confirming the endowments of King Milutin, he is styled "Archbishop of All Serbian and Maritime Lands". He rebuilt the Church of Saint George in Staro Nagoričane. According to the testimonies of his successor Archbishop Nikodom I, he regularly gave aid to Chilandar.

The Serbian Orthodox Church venerate him on July 26 (August 8, Gregorian calendar).


Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Jevstatije II
Archbishop of Serbs
Succeeded by
Nikodim I
Preceded by
Bishop of Prizren
Succeeded by