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Sakura Gakuin
Sakura Gakuin Exclusive Interview with Japanese Station 1m48s.jpg
Members (from left to right) Sara Kurashima, Tsugumi Aritomo, Yuzumi Shintani, and Maaya Asou in March 2017
Background information
Native name さくら学院
Origin Japan
Genres J-pop, Japanese idol
Years active April 2010 (2010-04)–present


Associated acts Babymetal, Karen Girl's
  • Aiko Yamaide
  • Megumi Okada
  • Maaya Asou
  • Kano Fujihira
  • Marin Hidaka
  • Momoko Okazaki
  • Soyoka Yoshida
  • Tsugumi Aritomo
  • Momoe Mori
  • Yuzumi Shintani
  • Miku Tanaka
  • Miki Yagi
Past members See list of past members

Sakura Gakuin (Japanese: さくら学院, lit. Cherry Blossom Academy)[4] is a Japanese idol girl group formed in 2010 by the Amuse talent agency. The group functions as a unit restricted to the "growing period", typically containing between 10 and 12 members at a time who fall between the ages of 10 and 15. With the theme of school life and extracurricular club activities, when the current nendo ("academic year") ends in April, the group releases an annual studio album, new members "transfer in" to the group, and others who finish compulsory education "graduate", or leave.[5]


2010–2011: Beginnings[edit]

Sakura Gakuin was created around April 2010 by the talent agency Amuse. Members of the group often blog in a class journal by posting notes handwritten on loose leaf paper.[6] In August, the group participated in the first Tokyo Idol Festival (TIF). In October, the group formed the baton-twirling sub-unit Twinklestars, with seven members; in November, the group released its first single "Dear Mr. Socrates", which was sold only at live venues.[7] Sakura Gakuin held its first solo event on November 28, 2010.[8] On December 8, the group released its major debut single "Yume ni Mukatte / Hello! Ivy".

Sakura Gakuin's first album, Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo: Message, was scheduled to appear on March 23, 2011,[7] but was postponed until April 27 due to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The same year, Hana Taguchi and Rinon Isono joined the group. On May 30, Twinklestars announced a new single, "Please! Please! Please!", for a July 6 release.[9] In August, Sakura Gakuin performed at Tokyo Idol Festival 2011. On October 23, at an event held in Tokyo, the group announced that second single, "Verishuvi", would be released on December 21 through Universal Music;[10] the song had its live debut on November 23.[11]

2012: Formation of more sub-units[edit]

Sakura Gakuin's third single, "Tabidachi no Hi ni", was released on February 15, 2012,[12] debuting at number 6 in the Oricon Daily Singles Chart for February 14.[13] Three of the members, Ayami Muto, Ayaka Miyoshi, and Airi Matsui, graduated from Sakura Gakuin in April 2012, and three new members—Yunano, Saki and Mariri—were transferred into the group in May 2012. In August, the group performed at TIF 2012, on August 4 and 5, and revealing that a new sub-unit would perform at the Sky Stage on the 4th;[14] the following day, it was revealed to be a tennis club consisting of four members with Nene Sugisaki as the leader. On September 1, the science club Kagaku Kuymei Kikoh Logica? was officially revealed as another new unit. On October 1, the Logica? announced their first single, "Science Girl ▽ Silence Boy", for a November 21 release. On October 6, Babymetal announced their major label debut with "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" for January 9, 2013.

2013–2015: New look[edit]

Sakura Gakuin released their fifth single, "My Graduation Toss", on February 27, 2013, as well as their third album My Generation on March 13. The group held the 2012 graduation concert for Suzuka Nakamoto and Mariri Sugimoto at Tokyo International Forum on March 31.[15]

After sending fellow members Suzuka and Mariri, the group started their new school semester on May 5, 2013 at Shibuya Cultural Center Owada with two new members and a new beige uniform.[16] The group later released the song, "Ganbare!!", which ranked 6th on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Sakura Gakuin later released their seventh single, "Jump Up (Chiisana Yūki)", and fourth DVD, Sakura Gakuin Festival 2013: Live Edition on February 12, 2014. The Road to Graduation 2013 Final was held at Shibuya Public Hall, where Marina Horiuchi, Raura Iida, Nene Sugisaki and Hinata Sato, the last of the original eight members, gave their farewells to the fans and remaining eight members.

The group later welcomed two new members, Sara Kurashima and Megumi Okada, in May 2014, bringing the total to ten members. In March 2015, the group held a graduation concert at which Moa Kikuchi, Yui Mizuno, Hana Taguchi, and Yunano Notsu bid goodbye to the fans and remaining six members. On May 6, six new members joined the group, bringing the total to twelve members. At the same time, Rinon Isono was appointed as the fifth Student Council President. The remaining two Year 3 members, Saki Ooga became the Education Chairman, while Saki Shirai was appointed as the third Talk Chairman.[17]

2016–present: Yakusoku and My Road[edit]

March 2016 marked the departure of Saki Ooga, Saki Shirai and Rinon Isono, but in May of the same year Momoe Mori, Tsugumi Aritomo and Yuzumi Shintani transferred in. 2016 also marked the departure of the "beige" uniforms, instating a dark gray one in its place, and the promotion of Sara Kurashima to Class President, Aiko Yamaide to Vice-President and Mirena Kurosawa to MC Chairman. Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa left the group in March 2017, with new members Miku Tanaka and Miki Yagi joining in May.[5] Aiko Yamaide became the Class President, Megumi Okada became the Talk Chairman, Momoko Okazaki became the Effort Chairman, and Maaya Asou became the Education Chairman.


Sakura Gakuin employs a line-up changing system in which older members leave the group and new members join each year. Since the group's theme is that of an elementary and junior high school, when a member graduates from junior high, or specifically ninth grade, she leaves Sakura Gakuin as well, during a ceremony the group holds around the end of the Japanese school year in which these members "graduate".[18]

As of May 7, 2017, the group consists of the following twelve members.[19]

Name Date of birth Prefecture
of origin
Grade Notes
Aiko Yamaide (山出 愛子) (2002-12-01) December 1, 2002 (age 15) Kagoshima Middle school year 3 7th student council president
Megumi Okada (岡田 愛) (2002-04-04) April 4, 2002 (age 15) Aichi Middle school year 3 4th talk chairman
Momoko Okazaki (岡崎 百々子) (2003-03-03) March 3, 2003 (age 15) Kanagawa Middle school year 3 Perseverance ("ganbare") chairman
Maaya Asou (麻生 真彩) (2003-11-04) November 4, 2003 (age 14) Kanagawa Middle school year 2 2nd education chairman
Marin Hidaka (日髙 麻鈴) (2003-12-01) December 1, 2003 (age 14) Kanagawa Middle school year 2
Yuzumi Shintani (新谷 ゆづみ) (2003-07-20) July 20, 2003 (age 14) Wakayama Middle school year 2
Kano Fujihira (藤平 華乃) (2004-08-28) August 28, 2004 (age 13) Chiba Middle school year 1
Soyoka Yoshida (吉田 爽葉香) (2004-06-14) June 14, 2004 (age 13) Osaka Middle school year 1
Tsugumi Aritomo (有友 緒心) (2004-09-07) September 7, 2004 (age 13) Chiba Middle school year 1
Momoe Mori (森 萌々穂) (2004-12-08) December 8, 2004 (age 13) Tokyo Middle school year 1
Miku Tanaka (田中 美空) (2006-06-18) June 18, 2006 (age 11) Ōita Elementary school year 5 New member
Miki Yagi (八木 美樹) (2006-12-11) December 11, 2006 (age 11) Osaka Elementary school year 5 New member

Past members[edit]

Name Prefecture
of origin
Graduation date Notes
Ayami Mutō (武藤 彩未)[20] Ibaraki March 25, 2012[21] 1st Student Council President
Past member of Karen Girl's
Airi Matsui (松井 愛莉)[20] Fukushima
Ayaka Miyoshi (三吉 彩花)[20] Saitama
Suzuka Nakamoto (中元 すず香)[20] Hiroshima March 31, 2013[22] 2nd Student Council President
Past member of Karen Girl's
Mariri Sugimoto (杉本 愛莉鈴)[20] Hiroshima Graduated early in sixth grade
Marina Horiuchi (堀内 まり菜)[20] Tokyo March 30, 2014[23] 3rd Student Council President
1st Vice President
Raura Iida (飯田 來麗)[20] Tokyo Performance Chairman
Nene Sugisaki (杉﨑 寧々)[24] Ibaraki Talk Chairman
Hinata Satō (佐藤 日向)[20] Kanagawa Mood Chairman
Moa Kikuchi (菊地 最愛)[20] Aichi March 29, 2015[25] 4th Student Council President
Yui Mizuno (水野 由結)[20] Kanagawa Production Chairman
Hana Taguchi (田口 華)[20] Nagano Spirit Chairman
Yunano Notsu (野津 友那乃)[20] Tokyo 2nd Talk Chairman
Stage name Yunano Honjyo
Rinon Isono (磯野 莉音)[26] Kanagawa March 27, 2016 5th Student Council President
Saki Ooga (大賀 咲希)[26] Tokyo Education Chairman
Saki Shirai (白井 沙樹)[26] Niigata 3rd Talk Chairman
Sara Kurashima (倉島 颯良)[26] Ibaraki March 25, 2017[27] 6th Student Council President
Mirena Kurosawa (黒澤 美澪奈)[26] Tokyo MC Chairman

Member timeline[edit]


The sub-units of the group are described as extra-curricular activities. The Heavy Music Club Babymetal performs music which combines J-pop and heavy metal. The Go Home Club Sleepiece performs live wearing pajamas; the dances include feather-like movements, with light choreography involving rolling over or stretching like a spring on stage. The sub-unit's songs often use a call and response with the audience to get people excited. The Science Club Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica? aims to make people more interested in science; the music often uses scientific terms in the lyrics.[6]

An italicized English name in the "club" column denotes that the group in question is presently known to be defunct.[28]

Club Sub-unit name Members by nendo
Baton Club (バトン部, Baton-bu) Twinklestars 2010–2011 Ayami, Raura, Marina, Nene, Hinata, Yui, Moa
2014 Yui, Moa, Yunano, Sara, Aiko
Heavy Music Club (重音部, Jūon-bu) Babymetal 2010–2012[note 1] Suzuka (leader), Yui, Moa
Cooking Club (クッキング部, Kukkingu-bu) Mini-Pati (ミニパティ) 2010 Raura (pink), Marina (yellow), Nene (green)
2011–2014 Hana (pink), Yui (yellow), Moa (green)
2015–2016 Aiko (pink), Momoko (yellow), Marin (green)
Go Home Club (帰宅部, Kitaku-bu) Sleepiece 2010–2013 Raura (pink), Marina (yellow), Nene (green)
2015 Maaya (pink), Saki Ooga (yellow), Mirena (blue)
2016 Maaya (pink), Kano (yellow), Mirena (blue)
Newspaper Club (新聞部, Shinbun-bu) Scoopers 2010–2011 Ayaka, Airi
Tennis Club (テニス部, Tenisu-bu) Pastel Wind 2012 Nene (leader), Hana, Yunano, Marina
2013 Nene (leader), Hana, Yunano, Saki Ooga
Science Club (科学部, Kagaku-bu) Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?
  (科学究明機構ロヂカ?)[note 2]
2012–2013 ("Ver. 1.0") Marina (leader), Hinata, Rinon
2015 ("Ver 1.2") Rinon (leader), Sara, Megumi
2016 ("Ver 2.0") Sara (leader), Megumi, Momoko
Pro-wrestling Fan Club (プロレス同好会, Puroresu dōkō-kai) Pro-Wrestling Circle 2014 Hana, Rinon
Purchasing Club (購買部, Kōbai-bu) Koubaibu 2014 Yunano, Saki Shirai
2015 Saki Shirai, Soyoka
2016–present Soyoka, Tsugumi
  1. ^ Babymetal split from the main group in 2013, and continues to perform as a separate group, but the club is defunct in that there is not currently a group of this nature currently performing as a sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin.
  2. ^ Lit. "Scientific Investigation Organization Logica?". Romanization provided in table is that used in official sources. Hepburn romanization is "Kagaku Kyūmei Kikō Rojika?"



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