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Lunette in the Sistine Chapel of Salmon with Boaz and Obed.

Salmon (Hebrew: שַׂלְמוֹןŚalmōn) or Salmah (שַׂלְמָה Śalmāh) is a person mentioned in genealogies in both the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and in the New Testament.

He is the son of Nahshon, and married Rahab, possibly she of Jericho, by whom he had Boaz. Thus, according to the Biblical genealogies, Salmon is the patrilineal great-great-grandfather of David. Salmon is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:10-11, Ruth 4:20,21, Matthew 1:4-5, and Luke 3:32.

According to the Book of Exodus, of those who were at least twenty years of age when leaving Egypt, only Caleb and Joshua would cross the Jordan River.

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