Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai

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Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai
Theatrical Poster
Directed byRishab Shetty
Produced byRishab shetty
Written byRishab Shetty
Abhijit Mahesh
Raj B. Shetty
Screenplay byRishab shetty
Story byRishab shetty
StarringAnant Nag
Pramod Shetty
Saptha Pavoor
Sohan Shetty
Prakash Thuminad
Manish Heroor
Music byVasuki Vaibhav
Background Score:
B. Ajaneesh Loknath
CinematographyA. Venkatesh
Edited byPradeep Rao
Pratheek Shetty
Rishab Shetty Films
Distributed byRishab Shetty Films through Jayanna films
Release date
  • 24 August 2018 (2018-08-24)
Budget2 crore
Box officeest.20 crore

Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai is a 2018 Indian Kannada language socio-political comedy film written, directed and produced by Rishab Shetty,[1][2][3][4][5] presented by Sudeep.[6] The film stars Anant Nag, Ranjan, Sampath, Pramod Shetty, Saptha Pavoor, Mahendra, Sohan Shetty, Prakash Thuminad, Manish Heroor and others. The movie was declared a Blockbuster at the box office. The film won Best Children's film national award in the 66th national awards 2019.


This is a film set in the milieu where Kasaragod (a border district in Kerala having a large number of Kannada speaking population) becomes the hotbed for language supremacy. There is a Kannada medium Government-run Middle and High School, which is facing a lot of financial difficulties due to nonreceipt of money from the government officials. As a consequence, various expenses like books, uniforms, teachers' salaries, building repairs, extracurricular activities, etc., are virtually at a standstill.

Nambiar, the righteous Principal is being harassed by a hostile and corrupt Government official, Balakrishna Panikker, who is hell-bent upon closing the school as he wants to establish the supremacy of Malayalam. In a moment of weakness, Nambiar is forced to sign on a government order (without reading it), which declares that the building is unsafe and needs to be demolished.

A group of students coming from normal middle class to poor background are bound by the common thread of learning in Kannada. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when Panikker comes with a government order to physically close the school. They then decide to get a 'famous' person to fight their case. Accordingly, they chance upon the name of one social worker in Mysore, Anantapadmanabha in a newspaper. They then journey to Mysore to persuade Anantapadmanabha to take up their case.

In a hilarious twist, there are two persons having the same name (Anant Nag and Ramesh Bhat) and both these friends are at loggerheads over trivial issues. The boys are supposed to talk to Ananthapadmanabha M (Ramesh Bhat) but instead, end up talking with Anantapadmanabha P (Anant Nag), who agrees to take up their struggle.

With lot of hope, they bring the 'famous' Ananthapadmanabha to Kasargod. Here, after initial skirmishes with Panikker, it appears that the boys are fighting a losing battle. There are many minor events that help in crystallizing a hitherto scattered struggle into a cohesive well-oiled movement. The parents of the children also get involved in the same under the leadership of Ananthapadmanabha.

The culmination of this is a court scene under a sympathetic judge. Here, Ananthapadmanabha, though not being a lawyer himself, is allowed to argue the case on behalf of the students. He exposes the machinations of Panikker and concludes the case triumphantly. Being involved with the kids makes him realize that how lonely he was all these days. Hence, he decides to remain in Kasargod as a teacher in the school. Then being realised by his mistakes,Ananthapadmanabha M visits the school and wishes Ananthapadmanabha P for his best wishes. The film ends with the group photo of students, parents and teachers.


  • Anant Nag as Anantha Padmanabha .P, a teacher in criminology and a self-claimed social activist who fights for the survival of S.H.P Shaale, Kasargod
  • Ranjan as Praveena Kumar, a student who failed 7th grade thrice
  • Sampath as Mammootty, a student in 6th grade
  • Pramod Shetty as Shantharama Upadhyaya, a well known Yakshagana artist and Kannada Activist
  • Supreetha Shetty as Vasantha Upadhyaya, wife of Upadhyaya
  • Saptha Pavoor as Pallavi, daughter of Upadhyaya and a student in 7th grade
  • Mahendra Prasad as Mahendra, a student in 7th grade and best friend of Praveena
  • Manish Heroor as Dumb Student in 7th grade and best friend of Praveena
  • Democracy Sohan Shetty as Sateesha, a student in 7th grade
  • Prakash Thuminad as Bhujanga, an areca nut grower
  • Ramesh Bhat as Anantha Padmanabha .M, a social activist and neighbor of Anantha Padmanabha .P
  • Rishab Shetty as Inspector Kemparaju (cameo), a police inspector in Mysore
  • Shanil Guru as Raghu, cook in Upadhyaya's house
  • Balakrishna Panniker as himself, Assistant Education Officer of Kasargodu
  • Radhakrishna as Sebastian, watcher of a Mansion which is owned by a Dubai resident



The film was shot in 55 days at one stretch.[7]


Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai
Soundtrack album by
LabelRishab Audio
ProducerC.R. Bobby
Vasuki Vaibhav chronology
Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai
Ondalla Eradalla
B. Ajaneesh Loknath chronology
Nannu Dochukunduvate
Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai
Bell Bottom

Vasuki Vaibhav has composed the songs and B. Ajaneesh Loknath has composed background score for the film. The lyrics for the songs are written by K. Kalyan, Trilok Trivikrama, Avinash Balekkala, Veeresh Shivamurthy and Vasuki Vaibhav.[8][9]

Track list
1."Arere Avala Naguva[10]"Trilok TrivikramaVasuki Vaibhav03:28
2."Nooraaru Bannagalu"K. KalyanMadhuri Sheshadri02:51
3."He Sharade"K. KalyanAsha, Sunidhi03:00
4."Dadda Song"Trilok TrivikramaVasuki Vaibhav02:53
5."Balloon Song"Veeresh Shivamurthy, Trilok Trivikrama, Gokul AbhishekShishu Taansen Jnaneshwar03:29
6."Aleyo Alege Eega (Patho Song)"Vasuki VaibhavVenkatesh D C03:22


Received very positive reviews.[citation needed]


Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
66th National Film Awards Best Children's Film Rishab Shetty Won [11]
2018 Karnataka State Film Awards Best Family Entertainer. Rishab Shetty Won [12][13]
66th Filmfare Awards South Best Film Rishab Shetty Nominated [14][15]
Best Director Rishab Shetty Nominated
Best Music Director Vasuki Vaibhav Won
Best Lyricist Trilok Trivikram ("Praveena Praveena") Nominated
Best Playback Singer – Female Madhuri Sheshadri ("Nooraru Bannagalu") Nominated
8th South Indian International Movie Awards Best Movie Rishab Shetty Nominated [16][17]
Best Director Rishab Shetty Nominated
Best Cinematographer Venkatesh Anguraj Nominated
Best Actor Anant Nag Nominated
Best Actor in a Negative Role Balakrishna. P Nominated
Best Comedian Prakash Thuminad Won
Best Music Director Vasuki Vaibhav Nominated
Best Lyricist K. Kalyan ("Hey Sharadhe") Nominated
Best Male Playback Singer Vasuki Vaibhav ("Dadda Song") Nominated
Best Female Playback Singer Asha – "Hey Sharadhe" Nominated

Outside Karnataka[edit]

More than 3,000 students were reported to have watched the film at Kasargod. The Kannada Sangha members of Chandigarh made it possible to play the Kannada Naadageete before the screening of the movie. It was reported that the movie had the highest ticket sales in Mumbai compared to any Kannada movie released there earlier. It was also the first Kannada movie to be released after 12 years in Thiruvananthapuram (two centres) and in Vizag( one centre) and first Kannada movie to have its posters spread over 12 areas in Chennai.[18]

Satellite rights

The satellite rights were sold to Udaya TV.[citation needed]

Box office[edit]

The movie got positive response from both audience and critics. It completed 100 days in theatres and was a blockbuster hit.


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