Sathanur Dam

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Sathanur Dam
Krishnagiri Dam
Sathanur Dam Park
Sathanur Dam is located in Tamil Nadu
Sathanur Dam
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Official name Lower Sathanur dam project
Country India
Location Sathanur, Thandarampet taluk, Tiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 12°08′00.34″N 78°56′48.65″E / 12.1334278°N 78.9468472°E / 12.1334278; 78.9468472Coordinates: 12°08′00.34″N 78°56′48.65″E / 12.1334278°N 78.9468472°E / 12.1334278; 78.9468472
Purpose Irrigation
Status 2
Construction began 1955
Opening date 1958
Construction cost ₹3.59 Crore
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity
Impounds Ponniar River
Height (foundation) 119 ft (36 m)
Length 4,500.59 m (14,766 ft)
Spillways 122
Spillway type OGEE
Spillway capacity 9,061 m3/s (320,000 cu ft/s)
Creates Sathanur Reservoir
Total capacity 308.2 MCM
Catchment area 7,300.43 km2 (2,818.71 sq mi)

Sathanur Dam is formed by Sathanur reservoir, one of the major dams in Tamil Nadu. It is constructed across the Thenpennai River also called as Pennaiyar River in Thandarampet taluk among Chennakesava Hills. The dam can be reached by road 30 km (19 mi) from Thiruvannamalai City. It was constructed in 1958. There is also a large crocodile farm and a fish grotto. Parks are maintained inside the dam for tourists to visit and the gardens have been used by the film industry.


The Sathanur Dam Project was proposed in the First Five Year Plans of India and started in the year 1953. The Dam works are completed in the Second Five Year Plans of India and is operational from 1958.[1] The project was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu K. Kamaraj. This is one of the Major irrigation schemes were planned in Kamaraj’s period . The other projects are Lower Bhavani, Mani Muthuar , Cauvery Delta , Aarani River, Vaigai Dam , Amravathi , Sathanur , Pullambadi, Parambikulam and Neyaru Dams.[2]

The approved cost of the project is ₹2.02 Crores. The project was completed within ₹3.59 Crore (Actual cost). The project is covered under CADA (Command Area Development Authority) Scheme.[1]

A view of the park from the bridge across the dam

Technical details[edit]

The reservoir has a capacity of 7,321,000,000 cu ft (207,300,000 m3) with a full level of 119 ft (36 m). An area of 7,185 ha (17,750 acres) of land is benefited by the left bank canal and 100 ha (250 acres) of land is benefited by the right bank canal in Thandrampet and Thiruvannamalai blocks. The temple is a popular picnic area in the region.[3]

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