Solaiyar Dam

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Solaiyar Dam
Solaiyar Dam, Tamil Nadu, India
Solaiyar Dam
Solaiyar Dam is located in India
Solaiyar Dam
Location of Solaiyar Dam in India
Official nameSolaiyar Dam
LocationValparai, Tamil Nadu
Opening date1965
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsChalakkudi River
Height (foundation)66 metre
Length430.6 metre
CreatesChalakkudi River
Total capacity153.60 million cubic metre
Active capacity150.20 million cubic metre
Solaiyar Dam during early Summer
Information about tunnel at Solaiyar Dam, Tamil Nadu

The Solaiyar Dam is part of the Solaiyar Hydroelectric Project (HEP). The project comprises the main Soliayar Dam, the Solaiyar Flanking, and the Solaiyar Saddle Dam.

Upper Solaiyar or Upper Sholayar Dam (சோழையார் Shozhaiyaar) is located 20 km (12 mi) from Valparai, a hill station in the Anaimalai Hills of the Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu India. As it is a part of the hydroelectric project of Tamil Nadu, special permission is required to visit the dam.

Valparai is located 64 km (40 mi) from Pollachi and 55 km (34 mi) from Chalakudy, Kerala. The nearest railway station is Chalakkudy.

The Solaiyar dam is a vital reservoir under the Parambikulam Aliyar Project and has a water storage capacity of 160 ft (49 m). The reservoir's overflowing waters are let into the Parambikulam Reservoir through the saddle dam.[1]

It was constructed by a team working under K. Gopalswamy Mudhaliar[citation needed], the most popular engineer in that area.


Solaiyar Dam was officially opened in 1965; the Solaiyar Flanking was built in 1964 and the Solaiyar Saddle Dam in 1965.[2]


The area of the reservoir is 8.705 square km[2]. The height of the main dam is 66 metres, its width is 430 metres, and length 430.60 metres[2]. The Solaiyar Flanking has a height of 28 metres and width of 19 metres[2]. The Solaiyar Saddle Dam is 259 metres high and 109 metres wide[2].

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Coordinates: 10°19′17″N 076°44′07″E / 10.32139°N 76.73528°E / 10.32139; 76.73528 (Sholayar Dam)