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The Saura Purana (Sanskrit: सौर पुराण, Saura Purāņa) is one of the Shaiva Upapuranas, a genre of Hindu religious texts. The printed editions of this text have 69 chapters. The chapter colophons of this text mention it as a part of the Brahma Purana. It is presumed that a version of this text, different from the extant one, existed earlier.[1]

The extant Saura Purana, though proclaimed by Surya, eulogises Shiva and his shakti Parvati. This text praises Varanasi and describes its various sacred places and lingas.[1] It consists of a version of the narrative of Urvasi and Pururavas in chapter 31.[2] It also deals with Devi worship, merits of dānas (donations), vratas (vows) and brief descriptions of the Puranas. Chapters 38-40 contain attacks on Madhvacharya, an early medieval philosopher and his works in the form of a prophecy.[1]


The early printed editions of this text published by the Anandashrama (Anandashrama Sanskrit Series 18), Poona in 1889 and the Vangavasi Press, Calcutta in 1908 (along with a Bengali translation) are practically identical.[1]


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