Savage Pampas (1945 film)

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Savage Pampas
Directed by Lucas Demare
Hugo Fregonese
Written by Homero Manzi
Ulises Petit de Murat
Starring Francisco Petrone
Luisa Vehil
Domingo Sapelli
Froilán Varela
Narrated by Enrique Muiño
Music by Lucio Demare
Juan Ehlert
Cinematography José María Beltrán
Humberto Peruzzi
Bob Roberts
Edited by Atilio Rinaldi
Carlos Rinaldi
Distributed by Artistas Argentinos Asociados
Release date
9 October 1945
Running time
98 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Savage Pampas (Spanish:Pampa bárbara) is a 1945 Argentine historical film directed by Lucas Demare and Hugo Fregonese and starring Francisco Petrone, Luisa Vehil and Domingo Sapelli.[1] The film's sets were designed by Germán Gelpi. The film is set in the nineteenth century in the Dry Pampas, when it represented a frontier between Argentinian-controlled territory and areas still largely inhabited by Indians before the Conquest of the Desert extended Argentine control southwards. In 1966, Fregonese remade the film in English under the same title.


A tough captain of the Argentine Army doggedly battles a band of outlaws composed of a mixture of Indians and Argentine deserters.



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