Scandinavian Australians

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Scandinavian Australians
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Total population
(c. 150,000)
Australian English · Norwegian · Finnish · Swedish · Danish · Icelandic · Faroese
Lutheranism, other Protestant denominations, Roman Catholic
Related ethnic groups
Scandinavians, Scandinavian New Zealanders, Other Australians

Scandinavian Australians are Australian citizens whose origins are found in any of the Nordic countries and Finland, or people from any of these countries who live in Australia. Although Finland is significantly different culturally from other Scandinavian countries and as such is not usually counted among them, it is still counted as one in the Australian censuses for the sake of statistics.

Countries of origin[edit]

This is a list of the countries of origin. The numbers indicate the people born in their home countries and people born in Australia of Scandinavian descent.