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The Shanghai Herald was an English-language newspaper published in Shanghai, China.[1]

The editor of the Shanghai Herald and China Critic, Kwei Chung-shu, had graduated from the University of Wisconsin.[2]

Günther Lenhardt, a journalist from Berlin, Germany, established the Herald.[3] He hired two journalists from Vienna, Austria, Ladislaus Frank and Mark Siegelberg, who had previously worked for the Shanghai Jewish Chronicle.[4] Hartmut Walravens, author of German Influence on the Press in China, said that despite the paper's establishment, "the Shanghai Jewish Chronicle remained the leading paper".[3] The Shanghai Herald and the Shanghai Journal formed an affiliation on March 1, 1946. The Herald began publishing a German supplement, called The Shanghai Herald / German Language Supplement.[3]


One regular feature of the Herald was "Der Wochenslat" ("the weekly salad") by Kurt Lewin.[5]


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