Shangrao Railway Station

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Shangrao Railway Station is a railway station located in Xinzhou District, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, People's Republic of China.

It serves the railway junction of Hangzhou–Changsha section of Shanghai–Kunming_High-Speed_Railway(Hukun HSR) and Hefei–Fuzhou High-Speed Railway(Hefu HSR)


The current facades of Shangrao Railway Station terminal buildings. 
The old terminal of Shangrao Railway Station, it is abandoned now. 
Watching the terminals from the Hefei-Fuzhou HSR Yard in upper layer. 
Yards and Platforms of Shangrao Railway Station: The upper layer is the Hefei-Fuzhou HSR Yard, the Shanghai-Kunming HSR Yard and Shanghai-Kunming Yard are in the lower level. 

Coordinates: 28°29′39″N 118°00′04″E / 28.49417°N 118.00111°E / 28.49417; 118.00111