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Showcase Workshop
Developer(s)Showcase Software Ltd
Initial release2012; 6 years ago (2012)
Written inPython, Javascript, Objective-C, C++
Operating systemAndroid, iOS, OS X, Windows Surface, Web-based platform
TypePresentation software, Mobile sales enablement systems

Showcase Workshop, also referred to as Showcase, is a SaaS company that develops a presentation-building application for business use. Users upload files and images to a web platform which generates presentations viewable on a suite of mobile apps.

Showcase was founded in 2011. The company’s headquarters are in Wellington, New Zealand.[1]


Showcase Workshop was originally developed in response to dynamically changing content being presented on iPads at the 2012 Olympics.[2][3]

After market-testing a beta version of the core application, Showcase Workshop launched commercially in 2012.[4][5]

In 2014 Showcase partnered with Vodafone Global Enterprise.[3][6]


Users upload pre-existing PDFs, videos, images and Microsoft Office documents to a secure server, building presentations or ‘showcases’ which can then be downloaded via the mobile apps.[7] The presentations are used for mobile sales enablement, training, or operational/health and safety purposes.[8][9][10]


Reviewers have praised the ease of use of Showcase, calling it a “better alternative to developing a native app”[11] and “intuitive”.[12]

Criticisms include the lack of differing templates[12] and a lack of complex customisation controls.[13]

Showcase was nominated for a Tabby Award in 2014[8] and won a Tabby Award in 2015 for its Windows app.[14][15]

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