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Shukla (Sanskrit: शुक्ल) is a word of Sanskrit origin that means "white". It is used as a surname in North India and around Nashik in Maharashtra, mostly by Gaud Brahmins, Kanyakubja Brahmins, Bhumihar Brahmins and Saryupareen Brahmins. It is also used as a surname in some other countries. Some Shuklas are classified under Brahmakshatriya subcaste of Brahmins. Shukla surname is also common to other Brahmin communities like Sompura Brahmin, Saraswat Brahmin and others. Shukla is also found among Sompura Salat, who have branched from Brahmin community. Saryupareen Brahmin as the name indicates originated from the river saryu in ayodhya. At the time of Ramayana Lord Rama invited Brahmins for the food at the bank of saryu, those brahmins who participated in it were the Saryupareeen brahmin. Shukla is the one of the oldest surname of the saryupareen brahmins. Shukla is the one of the three house brahmins with Mishra and Tiwari. In old times the marriage ceremony takes place in these three only.

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