Let Me Try

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"Let Me Try"
The cover sleeve of "Let Me Try", showcasing Anghel and Sistem staying close to each other
"Let Me Try" cover
Single by Luminiţa Anghel
Released 2005
Genre Europop
Length 3:02
  • Matrix
  • Cristian Faur
  • Cristian Faur
Luminiţa Anghel singles chronology
"Let Me Try"
"Love Will Come"
"Let Me Try"
"Love Will Come"
Romania "Let Me Try"
Eurovision Song Contest 2005 entry
  • Luminiţa Anghel
  • Toth Zoltan
  • Mihai Ciprian Rogojan
  • Claudiu Purcărin
  • Robert Magheti
  • Florin Cătălin Romaşcu
Cristian Faur
Cristian Faur
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "I Admit" (2004)   
"Tornerò" (2006) ►

"Let Me Try" is a song recorded by Romanian singer Luminița Anghel. It features the backgrounding of percussion band Sistem. The europop recording was written and arranged by Cristian Faur. "Let Me Try" was selected to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, where it managed to reach the third place and to score an amount of 158 points. Lyrically, Anghel addresses a lover, telling him that "I don't want to say goodbye", implying throughout the lyrics that their relationship is coming to an end. She asks why they "couldn't give it one more try", and tells him that "I will find a way to make you stay".

The performance of "Let Me Try" at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 featured Anghel's backing group Sistem banging on drums of industrial waste and wearing the lids of these drums as shoes. Anghel also took part in these activities during the instrumental sections of the song. The BBC commentary of the contest likened Anghel to Ruby Wax due to her hairstyle.[1] Previously, Romania failed to achieve a top 10 placing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, so the song had to go through a semi-final selection process to qualify for the grand final. There, it was performed fourteenth, following Norway's Wig Wam with "In My Dreams" and preceding Hungary's NOX with "Forogj, világ!". At the close of voting, "Let Me Try" had received 235 points, reaching the first position in the euroscoreboard-field, and qualifying for the final. There, Anghel sung it fourth, following Malta's "Chiara" with Angel and preceding the Norwegian entry. Throughout the voting, "Let Me Try" has received the maximum 12 points-point from four countries.

"Let Me Try" set a record for achieving Romania's best placing ever in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, it later tied with Paula Seling and Ovidiu Cernăuțeanu's "Playing With Fire", which ranked at number three in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, gaining 162 points. Let Me Try pre-qualified Anghel's native country for the final at the next Contest, where it was succeeded by Mihai Trăistariu's "Tornerò", which has placed at number four.


"Cristian Faur came with the project. He wrote the song for me, but the idea of our collaboration is from 2001, when I won the Golden Stag Festival. So, it augur well for, and the audience was in love with us and our performance."

—Anghel on talking about "Let Me Try"[2]

In earlier 2001, Romanian professional lyricist Cristian Faur wrote "Let Me Try" for Luminiţa Anghel and Sistem.[2] Later, in 2005, the song passed the Romanian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, and qualified to the National Final.[3] On March 5, 2005, the duo was present to perform their entry, and they won the grand National Final, achieving 206 points.[3] After Eurovision, during Anghel's summer visit to Thessaloniki, Greece (hosted at Makedonia Palace and broadcast on Makedonia TV), she told in an interview that her and Sistem's preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 was unfortunately and very assiduous.[4] Anghel went on into saying that they were very busy before the Contest, booking a lot of concerts.[4] "We gave our best to have time to prepare our show on stage, almost two weeks before we entered the music competition."[4] Before this contest, Anghel had two records already released, and after the Eurovision chance, she received proposals from the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, and England.[4]

Critical reception and accolades[edit]

After the National Final, on 30 March 2005, Luminița and the band Sistem were awarded by the Romanian magazine V.I.P with a special prize handed out by the singer-songwriter Ovidiu Lipan Țăndărică.[5]

A huge dispute was held in 2005, when Loredana Groza, another contestant on the National Final, started a campaign against Sistem's and Luminița's winning.[6] Subsequently, the critics from Hot News confessed that "Le Le" has got a good rhythm, but it is still not good enough to rise up the European attention, like O-zone do with "Dragostea din tei" (a Romanian worldwide-topping song at that time).[6] The winner of the contest, Helena Paparizou, encouraged Luminița after "Let Me Try" won the semifinal : "Let Me Try is a song for the future, not only for this competition, between us is not a fight (what we want to do? to be like lionesses...), I'm proud cause I have a powerful singer, with a unique charisma! Congratulations Luminița!"[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Let Me Try - 3:01
  2. Let Me Try (Video) - 3:02
  • Digital download single[8]
  1. Let Me Try- 3:01


"Let Me Try" entered the Romanian Top 100 in late November 2005, where it debuted and charted at number 94. Prior to Eurovision, the song entered the German Airplay Chart, peaking at number 14. On the Russian Singles Chart, the track opened at number-five, moving a position higher to its peak of number-four, where it managed to stay two weeks.[9]

Chart (2005-2006) Peak
Germany (German Airplay Chart) 14
Romania (Romanian Top 100) 94
Russia (Russian Music Charts) 2