Skokomish Indian Tribe

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Skokomish Indian Tribe
Twined Skokomish basket with overlay design 01.jpg
Skokomish twined basket of red cedar bark, bear grass, cattail leaf, ca. 1890
Total population
(796 enrolled members[1])
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( Washington)
English, Twana[2]
traditional tribal religion
Related ethnic groups
other Twana, Klallam, and Chimakum people[3]

The Skokomish Indian Tribe,[4] formerly known as the Skokomish Indian Tribe of the Skokomish Reservation,[5] and in its own official use the Skokomish Tribal Nation,[6] is a federally recognized tribe of Skokomish, Twana, Klallam, and Chimakum people.[3] They are a tribe of Southern Coast Salish indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest located in Washington.[7] The Skokomish are one of nine bands of Twana people.[1]


The Skokomish Reservation is located on several square miles of Mason County, just north of Shelton, Washington at 47°20′05″N 123°09′36″W / 47.33472°N 123.16000°W / 47.33472; -123.16000 (Skokomish Reservation).[8][1] Some Klallam people were relocated onto the reservation after signing the 1855 Point No Point Treaty.


Lucky Dog Casino, Skokomish, Washington

The Skokomish Indian Tribe is headquartered in Skokomish, Washington. The tribe is governed by a seven-member, democratically elected General Council. The current tribal administration is as follows:

  • Chairman: Charles "Guy" Miller
  • Vice-Chairman: Joseph Pavel
  • Secretary: Alex Gouley
  • Council Member: Terri Twiddy-Butler
  • Council Member: Tim "Wiggs" LeClair
  • Council Member: Annette Smith
  • Council Member: Cody Andrews
  • General Council President: Gilanne "Sissy" Delacruz
  • Executive Secretary: Darlyn Warren.[9]


English is commonly spoken by the tribe. The Skokomish language is a dialect of Twana, a Central Salish language. The last fully fluent speaker died in 1980.[2]

Economic development[edit]

The Skokomish tribe has become its one enterprise and is recognized as Skokomish Indian Tribal Enterprises. SITE owns the Lucky Dog Casino, North Fork Bar and Grill, the Drift Bar and Gift Shop, and Waterfront at Potlatch Hotel, all located in Skokomish, Washington. As of April 2015, the Skokomish Tribe acquired the beautiful Glen Ayr resort, located north of Hoodsport, Wa, along the beautiful Hood Canal.[10]


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