Sona Chandi

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Sona Chandi
Directed by Rashid Dar
Produced by Pakistan Television Corporation
Written by Munnu Bhai
Starring Sheeba Arshad
Hamid Rana
Ghayyur Akhtar
Ayub Khan
Munir Zareef
Atiya Sharaf
Release dates
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu, Punjabi

Sona Chandi (Urdu: سونا چاندی‎) is a classic comedy-drama television serial produced by PTV. The story of the drama revolves around a couple who came to a city in search of work. The role of Sona is played by Hamid Rana and his wife Chandi (Sheeba Arshad). This simple, innocent couple during their jobs in different houses, help many people in solving their problems.


The play was inspired by a real couple named Sona(male) and Chandi(female) from Kallur Kot a Tehsil city of District Bhakkar of Pakistani Punjab. Munnu Bhai(the writer of the play) who was educated in Kallur kot during his father's posting as station master in the city before 1947, has mentioned his inspiration of these roles in his numerous interviews. Sona is still alive and lives in Kallur Kot. During one of his visits to Kallur kot a few years back, Munnu Bhai got to meet the real Sona.[1]

The credit of its popularity goes to the whole team: Munnu Bhai's script, direction by Rashid Dar and the performances by the actors especially the leading characters of this drama – Sona and Chandi.

Lead Characters[edit]

  • Sheeba Arshad as Chandi
  • Hamid Rana as Sona
  • Ghayyur Akhtar as Bhai Hameed
  • Ayub Khan as Mama Yaqoob
  • Tashqeen as Baji Rukhsana
  • Munir Zareef as Chacha karmoo
  • Atiya Sharaf as Massi Barkate

Guest Appearances[edit]

  • Khursheed Shahid
  • Asim Bukhari
  • Farooq Zameer
  • Arifa Siddiqui
  • Touqir Nasir
  • Aurangzeb Laghari
  • Tamanna Begum
  • Jamil Fakhri
  • Sajjad Kishwer
  • Abid Kashmiri
  • Talat Siddiqui
  • Shakila Qureshi
  • Ismat Tahira
  • Masood Akhter
  • Najma Mehboob


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