Songacha River

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Sungacha River
Sungacha River Map.png
Sungacha River (dark blue)
Country Russia, People's Republic of China
Basin features
Main source Khanka Lake
River mouth Ussuri River
Basin size 25,600 km2 (9,900 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 180 to 210 km (110 to 130 mi)

The Songacha or Sungacha River (Сунгача) (Chinese: 松阿察河; pinyin: Sōngàchá Hé) is a river marking part of the border between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. It is a tributary of the Ussuri River, and the only outflow of Khanka Lake.

The Songacha ranges from 180 to 210 kilometres (110 to 130 mi) in length; the length fluctuates as the stream bed changes every year. The area of its basin is approximately 25,600 square kilometres (9,900 sq mi).

The river supports a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including Nelumbo nucifera in its basin.

The Songacha's waters come from rain, snow and springs.

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Coordinates: 45°34′30″N 133°24′55″E / 45.5751°N 133.4152°E / 45.5751; 133.4152