Soul Education

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"Soul Education"
Single by Jamiroquai
from the album Synkronized
Released 1999
Format CD
Recorded 1998
Genre Disco, Acid Jazz, Funk
Length 3:54 (album)
3:55 (radio edit)
Label Sony
Writer(s) Kay/Smith
Producer(s) Rick Pope

Soul Education is a song by Jamiroquai, the fourth track of their 1999 album, Synkronized. The song was written by Jay Kay and Toby Smith, and was issued as a promotional recording in France. No other release of this song is known to exist. This French, radio-only promo was released in very limited amounts, and is considered to be very rare today. The only track on the disc is a radio edit of the song, which is one second longer than its album version. The promo CD was released in a cardboard sleeve. There are two versions of the cover, which is simply a sticker. The first version is a rather colorful sticker, while the second one is a plain sticker, simply reading "JAMIROQUAI <<Soul Education>> 3:55". In live performances, the song is usually extended, sometimes lasting over 10 minutes, including additional verses, solos and so on.

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