Radio Silence (band)

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Radio Silence
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Alternative rock, Funk, R&B
Years active 2005–present
Labels Rob Harris Music Ltd
Associated acts Jamiroquai, Incognito
Members Matt Johnson
Rob Harris
Paul Turner

Radio Silence is a Jamiroquai's side project headed by Matt Johnson (keyboards), Rob Harris (guitar) and Paul Turner (bass).[1] Not as Jamiroquai, they started to write music in hotel rooms during the Dynamite tour and once the tour finished they looked for a studio and a drummer with the purpose of doing some recording. Over the years, the resulting tracks become songs and got in various guest singers including Vanessa Haynes from Incognito. The album Travelogue was finally released on 18 April 2011 via iTunes and other digital formats.[1][2]

Travelogue track list[edit]

  1. The Universe – 1:55
  2. To The World – 5:00
  3. My Destiny – 4:42
  4. Do You Care – 4:45
  5. Hold Back – 5:17
  6. Moshi Moshi – 3:45
  7. Failure To Communicate – 4:57
  8. Movie – 5:30
  9. Are We Free – 4:39
  10. Sun Machine – 5:20
  11. Peace at Last – 3:26