South American Union Italian Emigrants

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South American Union Italian Emigrants
Unione Sudamericana Emigrati Italiani
President Eugenio Sangregorio
Founded 2006
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ideology Centrism
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 630
0 / 315

The South American Union Italian Emigrants (Unione Sudamericana Emigrati Italiani, USEI) is an Italian political party representing Italian minorities in South America, especially Argentina and Brazil. Its leader is Eugenio Sangregorio.

In the 2013 general election the party won 13.3% of the vote in the South American constituency and elected Renata Bueno to the Chamber of Deputies.[1] Bueno was the daughter of Rubens Bueno,[2] a long-time member of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies for the Brazilian Socialist Party.[3][4] After the election, she formed a parliamentary alliance with the alternative Associative Movement Italians Abroad (MAIE) within the Mixed Group of the Chamber, that lasted for two and half years.[5]

In the meantime, despite the fact that USEI's and Sangregorio's political orientation was broadly centre-right,[6] Bueno, due to her family's political upbringing, started to be close to the Democratic Party (PD), the country's main centre-left party, and, particularly, its leader Matteo Renzi,[7] who became Prime Minister in February 2014.

Curiously enough, in November 2015 Bueno joined forces with Identity and Action (IdeA), a centre-right party opposed to Renzi.[8] Subsequently, she formed a sub-group, named after the USEI (and, later, "USEI–IdeA"), within the Mixed Group of the Chamber, along with Aniello Formisano of Italy of Values (IdV), a party traditionally affiliated to the centre-left, and Guglielmo Vaccaro of Unique Italy (IU).[5][6][9] Right after its formation, the sub-group was joined also by the other two IdeA deputies, Eugenia Roccella and Vincenzo Piso.[5] The USEI–IdeA sub-group was dissolved in May 2017.[5]

In the meantime, according to rumors, Bueno was set to leave USEI.[10]


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