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Splodge is a fictional character from the British comic strip, The Topper. Drawn by Charles Grigg, Splodge himself was the last of the goblins, a mischievous one who would play sneaky, nasty tricks on the animals of the woods, but they usually had the last laugh at the end. No humans could see or hear him, except readers of The Topper.

Between 2000 and 2001 the strip had a short run in The Beano, the main differences being that Splodge now lived in Beanotown Woods, and the tagline changed to 'The Naughtiest, Cleverest (he thinks) goblin in Beanotown Woods'. Throughout this run, the strip was drawn by Ken H. Harrison. He made a brief appearance in the Beano Christmas Special 2007 pushing presents into Edd's head so his Numskulls could have presents. However, this strip was a reprint from an earlier Christmas issue when Splodge was still a current character.