Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple

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Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple
Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore.jpg
The Bodhi Tree at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple in Singapore
Monastery information
Order Theravada
Location Bendemeer, Singapore
Public access yes

The Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple (also known as St Michael Buddhist Temple) is located at St Michael Road in Bendemeer, Singapore. The temple is the primary Sri Lanka Buddhist temple of its kind in Singapore.

Bodhi tree[edit]

A Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa), can be seen in the compound of the temple, with four Buddha images placed on each direction.

Activities and management[edit]

The monks conduct regular Dhamma events including sutta discussions, meditation practices, chanting, pujas and blessings for devotees all year round.[1]

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