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St. Jakobshalle, Basel

St. Jakobshalle is an arena in Münchenstein, near Basel, Switzerland. It is primarily used for indoor sports and concert events. The St. Jakobshalle holds 9,000 people and was built in 1976. It is the home of the Davidoff Swiss Indoors men's tennis tournament. Badminton Swiss Open. Jedes Jahr versammelt sich die Welt-Elite des Badminton-Sports zu Internationales Grand Prix Gold Turnier (Each year, the world's elite badminton players gather for their international grand prix tournament.) Sepaktakraw Swiss Open. Jedes Jahr treffen sich die besten europäischen Sepaktakraw Spieler, Als besondere Attraktion kommen 4 – 6 Teams aus Asien (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapur, Indien, China und Iran). (Each year, the best European Sepak takraw players meet, with the further draw of 4-6 Asian teams such as these.)

According to Bob Dylan's biography Chronicles: Volume One, he decided after a concert at St. Jakobshalle to go on the Never Ending Tour.

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Coordinates: 47°32′23″N 7°37′07″E / 47.53972°N 7.61861°E / 47.53972; 7.61861