St. Nicholas Church, Brașov

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Biserica Sfântul Nicolae

Saint Nicholas Church (Romanian: Biserica Sfântul Nicolae) is a Romanian Orthodox church in Braşov, dominating the historic district of Şchei.


The church was established in 1292. It was mentioned in a Papal bull issued in 1399 by Pope Boniface IX. Starting in 1495, the church was rebuilt in stone by the locals, with help from Vlad Călugărul, Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia. More help was provided around 1512 by Neagoe Basarab.

Saint Nicholas Church was initially built in the Gothic style, it was later redecorated with Baroque style architectural elements. The interior has frescoes painted by the renowned muralist Mișu Popp.

Historic district[edit]

Within the churchyard walls:

Adjacent in the Şchei historic district are:

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Coordinates: 45°38′08″N 25°34′53″E / 45.63556°N 25.58139°E / 45.63556; 25.58139