State University of Paraíba

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State University of Paraíba
Universidade Estadual da Paraíba
Motto Terrae Viroque Lumen (Latin: Light from men to Earth)
Established 1966
Type Public university
Rector Antônio Guedes Rangel Júnior
Location Campina Grande, Paraíba,

The State University of Paraíba (In Portuguese: Universidade Estadual da Paraíba; UEPB) is a public university in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. The university has eight campuses throughout the state, and its main campus is located in the city of Campina Grande.

It was founded by local ordinance n. 23, on March 15, 1966, as Regional University of Northeastern Brazil (Portuguese: Universidade Regional do Nordeste - URNe) as a local autarky. On October 11, 1987 by State Law n. 4.977, which was sanctioned by Governor Tarcísio Burity, the URNe became the State University of Paraíba.

Campuses and subjects[edit]

The UEPB has eight campuses throughout the state, which houses 48 subjects.

Campus I[edit]

It is located in the city of Campina Grande. The campus was named after the economist Edvaldo de Souza do Ó, one of the founders of the university. On July, 1966, Edvaldo do Ó was first elected vice-rector and was later rector of the Universidade Regional do Nordeste, which eventually became the UEPB, until Abril 10, 1969. The campus I houses the administrative center of the University.

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