Centro Universitário de Brasília

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University Center of Brasília
Centro Universitário de Brasília
TypePrivate university
ColorsRed, Black, White, Gray and Yellow
SportsFootball and basketball

The University Center of Brasília (Portuguese: Centro Universitário de Brasília, UNICEUB) is a private university located in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. It is third largest University in Brasília.

To join the university they must pass a biannual "vestibular".


UNICEUB was created on 1968, it was offered four courses: Administration, Accounting, Laws, and History. From that date onwards, new courses were created to meet the scientific and cultural needs of society.

During this period of activity, the following courses were offered: Architecture, Education, Medicine, Psychology Civil Engineering, Nursery, International Relations, Biology and others.[1]

Student life[edit]

The university has 37 undergraduate courses, and 2 postgraduate courses: Law and Psychology. UNICEUB have three campuses: two in Brasília and one in the region of Taguatinga.[2]

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