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Stefan Kramer Solís
Premios Pulsar 2017 - Stefan Kramer - 03.jpg
Born Stefan Kramer Solís
(1982-02-19) 19 February 1982 (age 36)
Santiago,  Chile
Occupation Impressionist, actor, tragasable, announcer
Years active 1997 - present
Spouse(s) Paloma Soto (2005 - present)
Children María Jesús (b. 2006)
Santiago (b. 2009)
Celeste (b. 2010)
Awards Viña del Mar International Song Festival, 2008
*Gaviota de Plata
*Antorcha de Plata
*Antorcha de Oro
Copihue de Oro 2008
Best comedian
Copihue de Oro 2010
Best comedian
Copihue de Oro 2011
Best comedian
Copihue de Oro 2012
Best movie (Stefan v/s Kramer)
Copihue de Oro 2013
Best comedian

Stefan Kramer Solís (born 19 February 1982 in Santiago) is a Chilean impressionist, actor, comedian and announcer. He comes from a descendant German Swiss family in Araucanía Region,[1] and he's married with the singer Paloma Soto. Kramer is better known in Chile by copying - with a great accuracy - the voice accents, gestures and expressions of dozens of characters from the Chilean media, like TV hosts, singers, politicians, sports players, sportscasters and celebrities, generally.


His first TV appearance was as a contestant on ¿Cuánto vale el Show? on Chilevisión. Therefore, his debut as an impressionist would be in the TVN television show Noche de Juegos, in the comedy section of Ponce Candidato, comedy character performed by Julián Elfenbein.

He has participated in various TV shows like Mekano (Mega), Amenaza Real (Canal 13) (performing Polimorphicuz, a man who suffers multiple personalities), De Pe a Pá (TVN), REC and ¿Cuánto vale el show?, both programs from Chilevisión and hosted by Leo Caprile. In 2006 Kramer has a great success in Huaso of Olmué's Festival.

He took part successfully in the second night of the Viña de Mar Festival in 2008. In a comedy routine that lasted almost 90 minutes, Kramer impersonated around 33 characters. The audience acclaimed and awarded him with two Antorchas (Oro and Plata - English: Gold and Silver Torchs) and a Gaviota de Plata (English: Silver Seagull).[2] Many Chilean TV shows have taken advantage of the good rating that produces Kramer's routine and they have repeated it in uncountable occasions, without the comedian receives some money remuneration.[3]

One of his television appearances was on July 12, 2009, on the TVN's TV show, Animal Nocturno. In this, he personified the most important presidential candidates, Marco Enríquez-Ominami as invited to the TV show, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle through a supposed live link, and to Sebastián Piñera though another alleged TV link. He also personified coach Marcelo Bielsa, who was received with praise.

In 2010, he co-hosted with Felipe Camiroaga on the TV show Halcón y Camaleón on TVN, with which he achieved great success. During one of the issues of the TV show, Kramer personified Marcelo Bielsa, where he explained the alleged reasons for the impasse that he lived in La Moneda with the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. Likewise, Kramer previously recorded an personification of Piñera, which caused displeasure within the Chilean Government, as it was held just when the ex-President Michelle Bachelet was invited.[4]

On December 2, 2011, Kramer was again as he had done years earlier at the Telethon Theater, as the first artist of the beginning of the Teletón that year, personified Miguel "Negro" Piñera, brother of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

As usual, Kramer appeared in the 30th Anniversary of the Chilean Telethon, but for the first time in the closing of the event in the Estadio Nacional (National Stadium), where he personified politicians and the Entertainer of the solidary crusade, Mario Kreutzberger, the worldwide famous "Don Francisco", the same of "Sábado Gigante". Kramer was recognized by Don Francisco himself and had a great time in the great show. He repeated presentations on the closures of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 versions.

On May 26, 2016, Kramer became the announcer of his own first TV show, called Kamaleón, el show de Kramer, and broadcast by TVN. Also, he was invited by Chilevision in the new version of the TV show El Club de la Comedia.


Year Film Characters Director
2012 Stefan v/s Kramer[5] Himself - Various characters imitated Stefan Kramer, Sebastián Freund and Eduardo Prieto
2013 El Ciudadano Kramer Himself - Various characters imitated Stefan Kramer and Javier Estévez
2014 Penguins of Madagascar Short Fuse
(Latin Spanish voice doubler)
Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell

List of Personified Characters[edit]

Country Soccer Player Nickname
 Chile Alexis Sánchez Alerxi Sánchez /
The Wonder Boy
 Chile Arturo Vidal Artulo Vidall
 Chile Gary Medel The Pitbull
 Chile Carlos Caszely[6] Cazely
 Chile Claudio Bravo Captain Bravo
 Chile Jorge Valdivia The Magician
 Argentina Lionel Messi Lío
 Chile Marcelo Salas Madselo Sadas
 Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo
 Chile Mauricio Pinilla
 Chile Iván Zamorano
 Uruguay Luis Suarez
Country Tennis Player Nickname
 Chile Fernando González
 Argentina Horacio de la Peña
 Chile Marcelo Ríos Marcelo "Chinese" Líos
 Chile Nicolás Massú Nico
Country Technical Director Nickname
 Chile Jorge Garcés
 Argentina Marcelo Bielsa[7] Marcelo Piensa
(Marcelo Thinks)
 Chile Eduardo Bonvallet El Bomba
(The Bomb)
 Argentina Diego Maradona Diego Maradruga
 Argentina Jorge Sampaoli
 Chile Manuel Pellegrini
 Portugal José Mourinho
 Argentina Juan Antonio Pizzi Juan Antonio Pizzim
Country Leader Nickname
 Chile René Orozco The Dr. Horoscope
 Chile Sergio Jadue Sergio Jague
Country Athlete Nickname
 Chile Tomás González
Country Politician Nickname
 Chile Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle Don Lalo
 Chile Francisco Vidal Francisco Vinal
 Chile Jorge Arrate Jorge a Ratos
(Jorge At-Intervals)
 Chile Marcelo Trivelli Marchelo Trivelli
 Chile Marco Enriquez Ominami[6] MEO
(wordgame in Chilean Spanish meaning I piss)
 Chile Franco Parisi[6] France Parece
(France Look like)
 Chile Pablo Longueira Pablo Corteira
 Chile Pablo Zalaquett[6][8] Zazalaquett / The Mayor /
Hablo Zalaquett (I speak Zalaquett)
 Chile Sebastián Piñera[6][8] Segastián Piñata / The President / Seba
 Chile José Piñera
 Chile Rodrigo Hinzpeter[6] Hinzminator
 Chile Claudio Orrego
 Chile Andrés Velasco
 Chile José Antonio Gómez[6] Gómez
 Chile Nelson Ávila Nelson Águila
 Chile Carlos Larraín[6] Don Carlos
 Chile Camilo Escalona[6] Don Camilo
 Chile Iván Fuentes[6]
 Chile Evelyn Matthei
 Chile Michelle Bachelet
 Chile Virginia Reginato Virginia Rellenato / Tía Coty
(Rellenato is a wordgame meaning pad and calf)
 Bolivia Evo Morales
 USA Donald Trump
Country Artist Nickname
 Spain Alejandro Sanz Alejandro Sinz Sed
(Alejandro Without Thirst)
 Chile Alberto Plaza Alberto Plaza de Armas
(Alberto Barrack Square)
 Puerto Rico Chayanne Chiyonne
 USA Eddie Vedder
 Argentina Fito Páez Fried Páez
 Chile Jorge González J.G.
 Colombia Juanes Juanos
 Chile Leo Rey Leo Rey
 USA Limp Bizkit
 Chile Luis Jara Much Jara
 Chile Pablo Herrera
 Austria Peter Rock Old Rock
 Chile Raquel Calderón Kel Calderón
 Guatemala Ricardo Arjona RicArto Arjona
(wordgame meaning very delicious Arjona)
 Chile Negro Piñera[6][8] El Negro (The Black) / Brown Piñera
 Chile Willy Sabor Willy Savor
 Argentina Jorge Rojas Jorge Colorado
(Jorge Scarlet)
 Argentina Gustavo Cerati Gustacho Cerity
 Argentina Vicentico
 UK Ozzy Osbourne Ozzo Bucco
 Spain Enrique Iglesias
 USA Romeo Santos
Country Announcer Nickname
 Chile Kike Morandé El Kike
 Chile Leo Caprile
 Chile Felipe Camiroaga
 Chile Martín Cárcamo[6]
 Chile José Miguel Villouta
 Chile Sebastián Jiménez Lindorfo
 Chile Gonzalo Feito
 Chile Julio César Rodríguez
 Chile Don Francisco[6] Don Francis
 Chile Rafael Araneda[6] El Rafa
 Chile Diana Bolocco[6] Dyana Bolloco
 Cuba Ana María Polo
 Chile Francisco Saavedra
Country Reporter Nickname
 Chile Amaro Gómez-Pablos[6] Amaro Pérez Pablos Gómez Silva
 Chile Fernando Paulsen[6] Paulsem
 Chile Fernando Solabarrieta
 Chile Matías del Río[6]
 Chile Julio Martínez
 Chile Italo Passalacqua
 Chile Claudio Palma Claudio Calm
 Chile Emilio Sutherland
Country Actor Nickname
 Chile Héctor Noguera Tito Noguera
 Canada Jim Carrey
 Chile Marisela Santibáñez Maribeer Santibáñez
 Chile Gonzalo Valenzuela Valenzuela
 Chile Daniel Alcaíno (Yerko Puchento
and Peter Veneno)
 Chile Fernando Farías
Country Personified Nickname
 Chile Leonardo Farkas[8] Leonardo Parkas / The pianist
 Chile Roberto Dueñas Teddy Dueñas
 Chile Jordi Castell[8] Flordi Pastel
 Chile Arturo Longton[6][8] Arturo Pichi / The Producer / Arturo London
 Chile Rafael Garay


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