Nathan Stickman

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Nathan Stickman
Stickman performing at 12th and Porter in Nashville, TN. 2007
Background information
Birth name Nathan Stickman
Also known as Stickman
Origin Phoenix, Arizona
Genres Rock
Folk Rock
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1997–present
Labels Independent
Associated acts Stickman
Stickman Band

Nathan Stickman is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who plays his own brand of rock music which falls under the category of Adult Alternative or AAA. He performs under the mononym of Stickman.[1] The Roanoke Times states "laid-back melodic rock."[2] Also the Arizona Daily Sun said his "sound combines elements of folk and country with radio-friendly rock."[3] Most Recently stated by San Diego Magazine "laid-back acoustic, melodic country rock."[4] Stickman was awarded for musical excellence in Arizona for "top 5 songwriter" and "top 5 album of the year."[5]


Nathan Stickman is from Phoenix, Arizona and began playing the guitar in college at the University of Arizona. One day when he was in the park, a homeless man asked to play his guitar. The man then told Nathan to sing by improvising, at that moment the songwriter in him was born. From there Stickman began writing and soon had a small collection of songs.[6] By graduation he started playing the coffee shop and club circuit. After touring throughout the west he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to continue his music career.

In a series called "Face the Music" in the Nashville Scene, Marie Yarbrough states "Lyrically poetic, Stickman sings about everyday joys and frustrations with endearing optimism." [7] Ryan Heinsius from the Arizona Daily Sun said his "diversity and heartfelt songwriting enables him to connect with his listeners while maintaining a grounded, honest sound." [8]

Turn of Luck[edit]

Stickman's 2011 release Turn of Luck continues his self-produced recordings as a rock trio with a more straight forward sound with less processing. Nathan Stickman currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee carving out his own niche in a town that seldom breaks the mold.[9]


The 2014 release of Stickman's Futurelook continues his series of self-produced recordings from Nashville. Still in the vain of "organic rock" but uses a new approach to his guitar work through melodic hooks.[10]


Transition is Nathan Stickman's 2016 release and a return to his folk rock sound. The album marks a new period focusing on solo acoustic performances after many years fronting a band.[11] It was recorded during a long hiatus while out in California renting a small place on the ocean. Transition marks his 9th studio album and first record to use his full name.[12]



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