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an Leathros
Strandhill is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 54°16′19″N 8°35′36″W / 54.2719°N 8.5933°W / 54.2719; -8.5933Coordinates: 54°16′19″N 8°35′36″W / 54.2719°N 8.5933°W / 54.2719; -8.5933
CountyCounty Sligo
Elevation62 m (203 ft)
Irish Grid ReferenceG613360

Strandhill or occasionally Larass (Irish: an Leathros)[2] is a coastal town and townland in County Sligo, Ireland. As of 2016, the population was 1,753,[1] an increase of 10% from the 2011 Census.[3] The old name appears to be Ros Dragnige (see Killaspugbrone).[citation needed]


It is suggested the development of Strandhill can be attributed to a Benjamin Murrow who purchased the undeveloped land from the upper road in 1895 for £1,760. He constructed a roadway to the sea for £1000, and offered plots either side of the roadway, which he named Buenos Ayres Drive. In 1912 he constructed a bathhouse to attract visitors. Buenos Ayres drive was conveyed into public ownership in 1928, and the strip of land to the shore in 1936.[4]


Strandhill is situated at the western base of Knocknarea on the Cúil Irra (Coolera) peninsula in Sligo Bay, 5 miles west of Sligo town, and faces the Atlantic Ocean. Although the main part of the village lies within the townland of Strandhill, it also extends into the townlands of Killaspugbrone and Carrowbunnaun. The area is well known for surfing.[5]

Surrounding area[edit]

Strandhill's surrounding areas include the mountain of Knocknarea, Coney Island, Culleenamore beach, and Dorrins Strand. Much of the terrain consists of marram-covered dunes, and the local council has had to undertake various measures throughout the years to combat coastal erosion.[6]


Strandhill has a caravan park, pubs, restaurants/cafes, St Asicus National School, St Patrick's Church, St Annes Church of Ireland and the Strandhill surgery. The village has multiple hostels, the Ocean Wave Lodge, The Dunes Tavern and SurfnStay Lodge and Hostel. There is also the Strandhill Lodge and Suites, awarded by Tripadvisor as the third best hotel in Ireland and 13th in the world.[citation needed]


Strandhill beach

Strandhill is a vast beach break capable of holding huge waves in the right conditions. Surfing is usually best when the tide is on the push in from mid to high tide. At low tide only a big swell will provide a decent wave, whilst at high tide the waves tend to rebound off the promenade, reducing the power and form closer to shore. This rebound effect at high tide can also make for unusual currents or rips with large erratic barrelling waves that slam against the rocks.[citation needed][5][7]


Strandhill has a soccer club named Strand Celtic and Sligo Rugby Football Club is based in Hamilton Park, where tag rugby is also played.[8] Coolera/Strandhill GAA club involves Strandhill and the neighbouring parish of Ransboro, and also field a hurling team.

The golf course is sometimes described as an 18-hole course with undulating fairways and unforgiving short cuts but nevertheless a gem of a course[9]


Strandhill has a renowned beach for surfing, but is it not safe for swimming.[10] The nearby strand at Culleenamore is suitable for paddling.[11]

Seaweed baths[edit]

The resort has a seaweed bath house for wellbeing.

Places of interest[edit]

Dolly's Cottage, a 200-year-old traditional thatched cottage, is open to the public.

The Klaus Gundchen sculpture on a plinth at the entrance to the beach was removed by the council on 22 February 2016.[12]

The Strandhill Peoples Market takes place at Sligo airport every Sunday from 11-4 pm in Hangar 1. The market has an abundance of stalls selling an array of locally produced foods, textiles, crafts and there is even a busking corner where local musicians can showcase their talent. It has been nominated for the best new business in Sligo Leader Business Awards 2015 and also nominated for the best start up in the IBYE awards.[13]

Annual events[edit]

The Culleenamore Races is an annual beach pony and horseracing event dating from the 1800s that takes place early in the summer[14]

The Warriors Run,[15] a 15k race held annually since 1985, takes participants from the beach front in Strandhill around and then up the nearby Knocknarea mountain, to the cairn at the top, and back again, as music and festivities takes over the town.

The annual Strandhill Guitar Festival is held in late September.


  • Strandhill is the site of Sligo Airport, which opened in 1983.
  • There is a regular bus service to Sligo town.

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