Subdivisions of Mauritania

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Mauritania is divided into 12 regions (régions) called wilayah and one capital district in Nouakchott, which in turn are subdivided into 44 departments (moughataa).

There are 216 communes of Mauritania.

The regions and capital district (in alphabetical order) and their capitals are:

Region Capital
Adrar Atar
Assaba Kifa
Brakna Aleg
Dakhlet Nouadhibou Nouadhibou
Gorgol Kaédi
Guidimaka Sélibaby
Hodh Ech Chargui Néma
Hodh El Gharbi Ayoun el Atrous
Inchiri Akjoujt
Nouakchott (capital district)
Tagant Tidjikdja
Tiris Zemmour F'dérik
Trarza Rosso