1996 Sudanese general election

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1996 Sudanese general election

← 1986 1–12 April 1996 2000 →
  First party Second party Third party
  Omar al-Bashir, 12th AU Summit, 090202-N-0506A-137.jpg No image.png
Leader Omar al-Bashir Abd al-Majid Sultan Kijab Others
Party Independent Independent Independent
Popular vote 4,181,784 133,032 1,210,464
Percentage 75.68 2.4 22.2

President before election

Omar al-Bashir

Elected President

Omar al-Bashir

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General elections were held in Sudan to elect a President and National Assembly between 2 and 17 March 1996. They were the first elections since 1986 due to a military coup in 1989, and the first simultaneous elections for the presidency and National Assembly. 125 members of the 400-seat National Assembly had been nominated before the election, leaving 275 seats to be elected (of which 51 were ultimately uncontested).[1] There were no political parties at the time, and all candidates ran as independents.

In the presidential election, 40 candidates ran against incumbent Omar al-Bashir, who emerged victorious with 75.4% of the vote.[2]

Voter turnout was reported to be 72%.[3]



Candidate Votes %
Omar al-Bashir 4,181,784 75.68
Abd al-Majid Sultan Kijab 133,032 2.41
38 other candidates 1,210,464 21.91
Invalid/blank votes 316,755
Total 5,842,035 100
Registered voters/turnout 8,110,650 72.03
Source: Nohlen et al., African Election Database


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