Sudanese passport

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Sudanese passport
Sudanese passport.jpg
The front cover of a contemporary Sudanese biometric passport.
Issued by Sudan
Type of documentPassport
Eligibility requirementsSudanese citizenship
Expiration5 years after issuance

The Sudanese passport is issued to citizens of Sudan for international travel.

The Republic of the Sudan started issuing electronic passports to citizens in May 2009. The new electronic passport will be issued in three categories:

  1. The citizen's passport (ordinary passport) will be issued to ordinary citizens and will contain 48 pages. This passport is valid for five years.
  2. Businessmen and women who need to travel often will be issued a commercial passport that will contain 64 pages. This passport is valid for seven years.
  3. Smaller passports that contain 32 pages only will be issued to children.

The microprocessor chip will contain the holder's information. The cost of a new passport for adults will be approximately SDG400 in 2016. These new passports are blue in colour and prior to this they were green and did not contain a microchip.

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