Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station (Guangzhou)

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Not to be confused with Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station (Taipei Metro) in Taipei, Taiwan.
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Guangzhou Metro
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station Platform For GZSRS.JPG
Location Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Operated by Guangzhou Metro Co. Ltd.
Line(s)      Line 2
Platforms 2 (1 island platform)
Structure type Underground
Opened 29 December 2002
Preceding station   Guangzhou Metro   Following station
Line 2
The platform

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station (Chinese: 纪念堂站) is a station on Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro that started operations on 29 December 2002. It is located under Dongfeng Middle Road (Chinese: 东风中路) and Lianxin Road (Chinese: 连新路) in the Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The station is named for the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, which was established in 1931 in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of the Republic of China.[1][2] The English name of the station is the same as that of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station in Taipei, Taiwan's Metro system.

Station layout[edit]

G Street level Exit
Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Platform 2  2  towards Guangzhou South Railway Station (Gongyuanqian)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 1  2  towards Jiahewanggang (Yuexiu Park)


Exit number Exit location
Exit C Lianxin Lu
Exit D D1 Dongfeng Zhonglu
D2 Dongfeng Zhonglu

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Coordinates: 23°07′57″N 113°15′48″E / 23.1324°N 113.2633°E / 23.1324; 113.2633