Baiyun Culture Square station

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Baiyun Culture Square

Guangzhou Metro
Baiyun Cultural Square Station Platform.jpg
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese白云文化广场站
Traditional Chinese白雲文化廣場站
General information
LocationBaiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Operated byGuangzhou Metro Co. Ltd.
Line(s)     Line 2
Platforms2 (2 side platforms)
Structure typeUnderground
Opened25 September 2010
Preceding station   Guangzhou Metro   Following station
Line 2

Baiyun Culture Square Station (Chinese: 白云文化广场站), formerly called Xinshi Station[1] and later Convention Centre Station[2] during planning, is a metro station on Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro. It is located underground at the west end of Baiyun International Convention Centre (白云国际会议中心), the east of Yuncheng Road West[3] and the south of Qifu Road[4], in the Baiyun District in Guangzhou.[5] It started operation on 25 September 2010.

Station layout[edit]

G - Exit
Concourse and Platforms
West Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 2  2  towards Guangzhou South Railway Station (Baiyun Park)
Platform 1  2  towards Jiahewanggang (Xiao-gang)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
West Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
- Passageway between Platforms 1 & 2


Exit number Exit location
Exit A Yuncheng Zhongsanlu
Exit B Yuncheng Zhong'erlu
Exit C Baiyuan International Convention Centre


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Coordinates: 23°11′23″N 113°16′32″E / 23.18976°N 113.27568°E / 23.18976; 113.27568