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Sunil Misra
BornJuly 05 1963
Alma materLucknow University
OccupationDirector General - IEEMA
EmployerIndian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association
OrganizationIndian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association
StyleNon Government Organisation / Industry Association
Home townLucknow
Spouse(s)Renu Misra
  • P D Misra (father)
  • Krishna Misra (mother)

Sunil Kumar Misra (born July 5, 1963) is the Director General of Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association (IEEMA), in office since October 7, 2013.[1] Before joining IEEMA, he served the Confederation of Indian Industry as Head of Public Policy.

Sunil Misra has a unique distinction of leading State, National and Sectoral Industry Associations in India and overseas.[citation needed]


He did his schooling from St. Francis College and Lucknow Christian College and is the alumnus of Lucknow University, where he studied English literature, Psychology and Economics.

Early years[edit]

Between 1982 and 1987 Mr Misra was a first generation entrepreneur and moved out, mostly due to inadequate working capital.

Prior to joining the industry associations he worked for five years at The Pioneer Ltd. and was responsible for starting a new Division and profit center of publishing the official telephone directories and yellow pages of Kanpur and Allahabad in collaboration with SESA SEAT, Italy. Yellow pages was a new concept in India back in 1987.

Indian Industries Association[edit]

From 1992 till 1997, Sunil Misra was the Executive Director of Indian Industries Association, where he managed and enhanced the operations of the Association and closely worked with the Govt of Uttar Pradesh. Indian Industries Association is the apex body of small and medium industries of Uttar Pradesh and has a membership base of 6500 companies. His early exposure of running a small scale industry provided him with insights and understanding of issues, challenges and pain points of entrepreneurial pursuits, particularly those of first generation.


Sunil Misra joined Confederation of Indian Industry in 1997, starting at Lucknow as UP State Head of CII.[2] He undertook CII initiatives in the State including engagement with the State Government on policy matters.

Social Initiatives[edit]

Government Schools on Sanitation[edit]

Started a sanitation project in municipal schools of Urban Lucknow with involvement of industry, government machinery, local citizens. Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) partnered with CII for this project. Mrs. Manju Bharat ram provided the leadership and motivation for this project, which encompassed survey of 500 plus government municipal schools, mapping their physical infrastructure and assessing reasons for early drop out of the girl child in densely populated urban areas. The prime reason identified through this project for early drop out of girl child from school was lack of functional toilet facilities. CAF and CII constructed low cost, twin pit toilets in these schools. Also renovated the dilapidated schools using low cost construction technology of Laurie Baker.

Disaster Management[edit]

While in 2001 January immediately after the devastating earthquake in Gujarat, Sunil Misra, surveyed villages in Bhuj, Bacchau and Anjaar assessing the needs of the affected population for relief and rehabilitation. Based on this initial survey, CII initiated the relief and rehabilitation work including immediate supply of critical medicines, clothing, tents and construction of community centres.


He was also involved in inclusive developmental projects with the Indian Army and reformed insurgents in the Kashmir Valley supporting education of 500 plus children, whose families were affected by violence. President Abdul Kalam inaugurated an exhibition of paintings made by the children supported under this project at the India Habitat Centre, where the young artists were flown by Indian Airlines. He encountered life threatening situations more than once in the valley while working on this project.


Sunil Misra initiated a project in the Kargil valley, immediately after the Kargil conflict in 1998. The CII project was supported by Operation Sadbhavana of Indian Army, Hindustan Motors and Maruti Udyog Ltd. The aim of the project was to provide skills for livelihood to youth from villages in the harsh terrain on the Line of Actual Control between India and Pakistan.The training programmes were conducted in sub zero temperatures in hostile line of sight.

Madhya Pradesh[edit]

He moved to Madhya Pradesh in 2002 and was responsible for major restructuring of CII presence in the State while working closely with industry and the State Government.

Uttar Pradesh[edit]

Has worked closely with the State Government departments on Investment, Industrial Policy, Power, Taxation, IT, Tourism etc. He started successful Consumer Exhibitions at Lucknow, Kanpur and Indore.

Country Head - China[edit]

Moved to Shanghai in 2003 as Country Head for China[3] where he forged strategic Institutional relationships in 27 cities in 13 Provinces. Started the Made in India shows at Shanghai and Beijing. Based on his experience in China, Sunil Misra believes that in cross cultural environment, it is more important to understand the mind and roots of behaviour than the language to effectively engage with a Nation.

Regional Director - East India[edit]

In 2006, he served as Head of CII Eastern Regional operations covering West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Bihar, and was based out of Kolkata.

Senior Director - New Delhi[edit]

Sunil Misra then moved to CII Headquarters in New Delhi in 2008, where he led initiatives on Social and Rural Developmental work, Skills Development, Public Health, Women Empowerment, Disability, Sports/ Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010, Public Policy Division and CII operations of North Eastern States. During those years, he was closely involved with all flagship events of CII.

CII Skill Development Center[edit]

Sunil Misra established the CII Skill Development Center in Chhindwara and a Skill Gurukul at Gumla. Gumla in Jharkhand, being a red naxal affected district, however involvement of the local Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Ms. Mabel Rabello was helpful in connecting with people at grassroot, inculcating trust and ownership to overcome the hostile terrain. The Gurukul was established in partnership with IIT PARFI.

Both these Skill Development Centers are based on sustainable models and conceptualisation, integrating the local political leadership, government machinery and people .

Public Policy Advocacy[edit]

He worked closely with the Indian Parliament, Members of Parliament and political leadership, to further the Public Policy interest through legislative and regulatory framework including parliamentary standing committees. He organised delegations of Members of Parliament to Japan for socio cultural economic exposure visits, in partnership with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation .

He led the discussions for Indian Industry on UNODC programme at the Anti Corruption Academy at Vienna in 2013, in the wake of India signing the UN Convention against Corruption .

BCIM Car Rally[edit]

Sunil Misra conceptulised, coordinated and led the first BCIM Car Rally[4] from India to China in 2013 via Myanmar and Bangladesh. First crossing this route in 2012 for its route survey. This crossing was the first ever movement of man and machine since World War II. Large sections of the route in Manipur and Myanmar had no semblance of road and also had threat of insurgents. The rally in such sections was provided adequate security cover by the Indian and Burmese Army. The Kuki Nagas in Manipur had threatened to block and disrupt the passage of the rally against their demand of a separate nation. The rally encountered indigenous bomb on a culvert and loosening of bolts on a wooden bridge, however timely detection and action by the Army escort resulted in no untoward incidents. At Dhaka, the Rally was held up for an extra day due to the daylong nationwide strike called by some local parties and supported by the main Opposition.

The Car Rally has led to announcement of a BCIM Economic Corridor, in the joint Statement by the Prime Ministers of India and China. He was member of the joint study group of the BCIM countries for the Economic Corridor.


Sunil Misra joined IEEMA [5] in 2013 and since then has worked towards enhancing it's engagement with the Central and State Governments/PSUs/Utilities and Public Representatives.[6] He created a network in the States for deeper connect with its stakeholders. IEEMA[7] has gained substantial visibility through media[8] and other means establishing itself as the first reference for the Power Equipment Sector in India.[9]

INSTC Car rally[edit]

In May 2018 he was invited to INSTC (International North South Trade Corridor) Car Rally[10]. INSTC[11] is an ambitious project, which will give create access between India and Central Asia through a multi modal transport system[12]. The journey of approximately 7000 km from St. Petersburg at the Gulf of Finland to Bander Abaas at the Persian Gulf went via Caspian Sea. This route is of historical significance as trade existed in the 14th century between Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia[13].

The INSTC Rally retraced the footsteps of traders who risked life and goods to traverse the hostile terrain and environment. Significant patronage and security was extended by the Sovereigns through diplomatic arrangements. The route is dotted with ruins of ancient caravan sarais with Hindu symbols marking the footprint of Indian traders. Caravans sarais tell the fascinating story of tens of thousands of intrepid Multani and Shikarpuri merchants who risked everything to travel great distances and spend years of their lives pursuing their fortunes in foreign lands. From the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries, these merchants lived as 'guests' in cities and villages across Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iran and Russia.


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