Supreme Court of Peru

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Supreme Court of Peru
Corte Suprema de Justicia
Palacio de Justicia. Lima, Perú..jpg
The Palace of Justice in Lima
Established 1825
Country Peru
Location Lima
No. of positions 15[1]
Currently Duberlí Rodríguez
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The Supreme Court of Justice is the highest judicial court in Peru. Its jurisdiction extends over the entire territory of the nation. It is headquartered in the Palace of Justice in Lima.


The supreme court is composed of three Supreme Sectors:

Integrated into the Supreme Court are the Supreme Speakers and Supreme Provisionary Speakers, who substitute the Supreme Speakers in case of absence. The Supreme Speakers are distributed into each one of the Supreme Sectors that the law establishes. The President of the Supreme Court and the Chief Speaker of the Office of the Control of the Magistrature are not integrated into any Supreme Sector. The Supreme Court consists of three permanent Supreme Sectors (Civil, Criminal, and Constitutional and Social). Each Supreme Sector has five Supreme Speakers who elect a president within each other.


The Constitution guarantees the right to the double instance, which the Supreme Court recognizes. In event that this right is failed, the appeals in the processes that interpose before the Superior Sectors, or it is brought before the Supreme Court. The Abrogation doctrine is also recognized by this court.





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