Surrender (1950 film)

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Surrender poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Allan Dwan
Produced by Allan Dwan
Screenplay by James Edward Grant
Sloan Nibley
Story by James Edward Grant
Starring Vera Ralston
John Carroll
Walter Brennan
Francis Lederer
William Ching
Maria Palmer
Jane Darwell
Music by Nathan Scott
Cinematography Reggie Lanning
Edited by Richard L. Van Enger
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • September 15, 1950 (1950-09-15)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Surrender is a 1950 American Western film directed by Allan Dwan, written by James Edward Grant and Sloan Nibley, and starring Vera Ralston, John Carroll, Walter Brennan, Francis Lederer, William Ching, Maria Palmer and Jane Darwell. It was released on September 15, 1950, by Republic Pictures.[1][2][3]


With her husband in a Texas jail, sultry Violet Barton joins her sister Janet in a border town called La Mirada, where she seduces wealthy newspaperman Johnny Hale into marrying her. Johnny is unaware Violet is a bigamist or that Janet was in love with him.

Johnny's best friend, gambler Gregg Delaney, had been the object of Violet's affections at first before she discovered Johnny was rich. Vaan gets out of jail and tracks Violet down, threatening her with blackmail unless her new husband pays him. Vaan is murdered by Violet, who lets Johnny take the rap. Sheriff Bill Howard places him under arrest.

Johnny and Gregg each suspect the other of killing Vaan, not realizing it was Violet all along. Gregg helps spring Johnny from jail, then flees with Violet after she finally confesses to her various sins. Howard and his posse purse the fugitives and kill them both.



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